Arabian Peninsula


Middle East


  1. Turning White House to a black House, Yemeni activist says

  2. Yemen: Houthis tear down the flags of the Republic of Yemen , prevent them from being raised during the celebrations of September 26 Revolution

  3. Funded by UAE : Water projects relife the areas of Taiz and Bab al-Mandab

  4. "Funded by UAE " : Implementing the largest project to supply the city of Aden with water

  5. “With Emirati financing” … implementation of the largest project to supply the city of Aden with water

  6. “UAE forces are very professional and effective “ , former assistant of US Secretary of State says

  7. About AIJES in Paris

  8. Paris Conference on Combating Terrorism and Extremism

  9. Podcast production - The International Agency for Press and Strategic Studies (AIJES).

  10. FOCUS | Special interview about Yemen with the former US Envoy to Middle East Part2


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